Snow and sick and stuff

So I had apparently a flu and then a cold. Getting better, in time for more snow and cold and mess. Thus getting out a bit less than usual. Oh well.

Everybody else okay out there?

Snowy weather

I went out to pick up a few things, hopping (well, not literally) on the Blue Line to go to Stop & Shop. And there's snow sticking, meaningful snow as opposed to nothing but little spots and mostly melted. Got my stuff at the store, although I had a little trouble with the self-checkout when the thing didn't register a "buy one get one free" immediately throwing me off as I didn't want to be stuck paying more than intended.

On the way back when I got on the Blue Line some kids were apparently confused as to what stop they needed to get off and hurriedly got off. A driver said over the speaker something like "Are you boys in the right stratosphere?" which was a bit odd; I'm not sure if that was about some of them looking Asian or a suggestion that they were on something.

So we are back and inside. Should be interesting to see how much snow we get.

You walk into an empty room, or is it?

Noticing a decided lack of posts, even old posts, on my "Friends" page. I suppose LJ is acquiring ghost town status these days. Unfortunate; I actually preferred the posting style here to that on Google+ but oh well.

Anyway, hopefully everybody has Happy Holidays and great New Year!

Brony Bands at the Middle East, umm, okay

So I'm wandering down Mass Ave and passing by the Middle East and see a poster for the "Musiquestria Tour - 8 Brony Musicians" appearing at some point in the future in the Middle East Upstairs.

"Bronies" are of course male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. That there are brony bands is news to me, but perhaps really not too surprising. That they'd be performing in the Middle East nightclub, well, hmm, seems odd but then again, I don't know much about nightclubs in Cambridge.

Visually Interesting Video

Found by way of TV Tropes Sweet Dreams Fuel page, music section which describe it as " a beautiful mixture of Mind Screw, What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?, Acid Trip Dimension, and this trope blended in a way that can't help but make you smile and go, "wtf did I just watch!?"". Which I came to from the page for the anime Humanity Has Declined, which after the second episode (seen on Crunchyroll;it's also on Hulu) now ranks as weirdest anime I've seen, and goofily disturbing. I like weird, often.

Boston, and me

I was riding the T and there were announcements about a "police action" and that we couldn't get off at certain stops. A guy on the train said something about a bomb but seemed uncertain if it was that. After doing shopping (really, I didn't know what was going on for sure and all the stuff seemed to be towards Back Bay) and when I was finally heading on the way to go home and I was on the Red Line we were told that we couldn't get off at Park Street or Downtown Crossing. I got off at the MGH stop to walk to the Blue Line and saw a number of news vehicles at the hospital, including a couple that weren't from Boston stations. I ended up walking with a guy who needed to know where the Orange Line was; he was from the South Shore and didn't know Boston that well. After pointing out where to go, I went to the Government Center stop and there were police preventing anybody from going in, but I was told I could go to the State stop. On the way home there were more of the "If you see something, say something" announcements. At no time did they say anything about a bomb, just that there was a "police action."

And then I get home and find out about multiple bombs, two near the finish line of the Marathon and an incendiary device at the JFK Library. Unnerving, and it'll probably be a while before we know what really is going on, what's behind all this.

Spring, Really, It's Spring, Right?

I see it's snowing again. I saw a liquor store's sign saying "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lion who doesn't know when to leave."

But ya know, officially it's Spring and thus I decided to dig up a cheery Spring tune. :)